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Made it up to the gorge last Friday. Fished off of Rd.11 and found 6-8in off ice everywhere we fished. There were a few small pressure ridges but nothing that couldn't be navigated around. This weekend was one of those trips you just don't forget as the weather was spectacular all weekend. Fishing could have been better but nobody got the skunk. There was only a few pups caught that I seen that went 22in at the biggest. Damon did get one bigger but we haven't seen the pics yet. HINT!HINT!  he did say the spot he fished did pretty good on the big boys. We caught a fair amount of bows in camp along with a fair amount burbot going up to 25in. It was really great fishing with everybody and having a good time. I didn't get a ton of pics so here it goes.

Wow Matt looks like quite the camp you all had going on. Thanks for the update and the pictures. I'll be watching for the next camp trip.  ;D

Looks like an awesome way to spend the weekend. I made a mad dash trip Monday morning and walked out in the dark. As the sun came up I saw a small city on the ice and figured it must be you guys! Watched the city tear down and take off from about a half mile away. Looking forward to more pics!

Well we had a great weekend canít wait to get up there in a few weeks also I forgot to mention that I finally got a big boy to bite twice and I still missed him ;D ;D

Youíll have that!


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