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Thermal tipup covers

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I have a few but I'm not a big fan of them. Anyone else have any luck getting them to actually work properly.

hardwater diehard:
They work fine ..if its a hole cover day(frigid/wind) you must drill your hole and clear the hole and surounding area with a shovel ..the more flat that closed cell foam cover over the hole area the better .

Ronnie D:
The frabill hockey puck type orange ones are all i use. I'll use a 7.5 gallon bucket to put em in and the 5 gallon bait bucket slides right in on top (6 total)
They take a little tuning and have to be wound directionality but once setup correctly you can use & adjust for any size fish.
Also the newer ones have a " stash box to store you'r hook/ tackle rig so i just openit up & fish instead of unwinding line & getting hoos snagged in my gloves

The ones my bud uses are garbage.they are black with the extendable flags.frabills i think.the problem with them is the flag is hard plastic and catches wind and gets constant wind flags,plus the flags post when extended barely hold the flag up when a fish triggers them.i kicked one down the hole a few years back.i will stick with beaver dams and heritage lakers with hole covers.

Are we talking about the foam hole covers? Any suggestions on which one to buy? Never used em but willing to try, since last trip of last season, my holes were freezing up and closing over pretty quick.


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