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Keep us posted with the fish pics...good luck, Woody! 

Will do!!! Anyone have any tips on running a generator in those cold temps? I got a new generac this summer and gonna put it to the test this weekend.

Ya Woody...NON-OXY gas with a shot of stabilizer in it..Seafoam or Star-tron, what I use. Kwik-trip  has the non-oxy, it's their "recreational gas" pump. Don't confuse that with premium gas, which still has the alcohol corn squeezin's in it, and isn't necessary. ( even though the non-oxy is usually 92 octane ) It's more in price, but well worth it. And keep the tank FULL. Also just heard the ice is really jagged and rough as heck, I wouldn't venture off their plowed roads unless ya wanna rattle something to death or break it.

THat's what I'm running now. I'll get some seafoam, maybe I should use something like heet, especially in -21 temps as they are saying?

No, stay AWAY from that, Woody! Why add more iso alcohol to yer gas?? Not to mention the effects on the rubber gaskets and seats..... You should be good to go as is. Enjoy! Also might want to avoid moving gas can from a warm place out into the cold, then back to a warm place...amazing how much moisture will condense on can. Metal ones more so.


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