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Last summer, I ordered some ice studs for my Snowdog's track.  The company I bought the studs from is: Kold Kutter Traction Products.  The studs I bought are the Kold Kutter AMA 8-18 X 1/2" pk250.


First step was to hoist the dog up on a table I use for cutting plywood sheets.  I put 2 pieces of water pipe through the frame and put jack stands under the pipe ends.  This isolated the track so I could turn it by hand using the belt pully under the machine cover.  It also made it easy to sit and screw the studs into the track.  Here's what it looked like.

If you look closely at the picture below, you can see some of the studs and which round posts they are screwed into.  I only put the studs in the round columns that were part of a paddle.

The whole job took me about 2 1/2 hours to complete.  This should make the dog much more stable on bare ice and give me traction on boat launch ramps that are snow packed and slick and in slush.

Nice, they'll definitely help alot, I remember those hours putting them in at night on my snowmobile so I could race the next day.

Thanks for sharing, Bob. I bought the same studs and am hoping to install them on my snowdog this weekend.


I used #10 5/8 and they worked great.  I just left it on the ground and worked from the front under the little mud flap.  Wasn't hard to reach them.  The trick is use a corkboard thumbtack or push pin to put a pilot hole in each round spot on the lugs.  Then just run them in with a drill driver.  Took me about 30 mins to fill half the round spots.  Hope that helps

YMMV, but I found the pilot holes un-necessary.  Centered the stud tips on the round barrels and let the drill run them home.  Saved a lot of time.  But pilot holes work as well if that is more comfortable for you.  I forgot to mention that using only the round posts actually in the paddles only used about 190 of the 250 studs in the package.   ;D


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