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Amish Spear North of Sauk Center


Good Morning MN Fishermen!

 I am in the market for a spear and I found information that there is an Amish fellow that is North of Sauk Center that sells spears, traps, decoys and some other Amish made items. The directions that I have is that he is on County Road 11 north of Hwy 27 and there is a sign at the end of the driveway. I found this info on another forum from last year I believe. I'm going to be a couple of hours away from there this weekend and I am wondering if anyone knows this place and if he is still selling spears and everything else. With all the Covid stuff going on I'm just wanted to make sure he is still in business/selling to the public before I make the 2 hour trip. If anyone knows if this place or has any contact info I would greatly appreciate it.


Pete Pedersen in Underwood, MN makes the best in the business, I think his number is 218-495-3160. pm if that's not it.


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