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Anyone ever targeted sturgeon through the ice?

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I saw some pretty wicked videos on sturgeon fishing through the ice and the wife said she wanted to try it (I know!), but I don't even know what bodies of water you can even do that here in Sask. I know the rivers are always the places to hit in the summer, but I don't like siting on our rivers in the winter. It'd be cool to camp out for an overnighter on a lake for some dinos. Do we even have sturgeon populations outside of the river?

Anyone ever tried this in Sask? Not asking for spots.

I've heard of guys getting the odd one through the ice at tobin.  Diefenbaker would be your only other option but personally I don't think they'd be worth targeting,  not to mention that being illegal.

Is that illegal? What is illegal about it? I was under the impression you couldn't keep them but you could target them.

 I believe it's still illegal to target sturgeon but doubt anyone's ever been charged for hanging chicken livers on a pickerel rig so I'm sure it's much the same through the ice. 

A few years ago, it was made clear in the angler's guide that one should not target lake sturgeon. That clause is no longer in the more recent annual guides. Instead, sturgeon has been listed as having a possession limit of 0.

I believe it is now legal to target sturgeons then release them.


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