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Hey everyone,
I am starting to get into ice fishing quite a bit and am looking to broaden the target species. I haven't really targeted perch except for a few times on Blackstrap. What lakes in the province (North and South) would be a suggestion to getting into some nice eating size perch?

i would go on line or pick up a 2021-2022 Saskatchewan anglers guide. in there you will find lots of lakes in all 3 regions that have detailed info on specific lakes and what swims in them.. i'm sure now a days a lot of people simply go on-line and purchase their fishing license and don't bother to take the time and read up on the latest fishing regulations. there's a lot of helpful info to get a person pointed in the right direction on searching for certain species on different lakes. then of course put in your time. good luck.

Great advice rip. I'll add that the sk ministry of fisheries has some awesome information on stock reports and the fish facts in the results link:
Im no expert but reading the fish facts and stock reports can help guide you. Good luck!

This has a good amount of info.

Around Saskatoon, for perch, avoid Brightwater lake and Iroquois lake. Perch there seems only finger size. Lakes Diefenbaker, Blackstrap and Bradwell are fine with jumbos.


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