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Ah so GI!  Well, if it gets pushed back a week, then still maybe.  The Texas hunt the week after Thanksgiving will be set in concrete until I can't do it anymore.  But I'll have plenty of ice time here in Utah this year, so I'm sure we'll hook up eventually.  Bought a new Shappell HD Sled and StrikeMaster Lite-Flight auger yesterday at the 'Den' in Roy.  My 6" K-Drill is now looking for a new home ($100  ;D).   

Matt, have you seen that the lake may in fact NOT close on January 1 this year. Their new proposal was adopted allowing for fishing all year but Iím not sure when it goes into effect.

I have not heard that Trent but will do some researching now  ??? ???

The Idaho F&G Commission Meeting was Nov 15-16, 2021.  As to the Henry's Lake issue, this is from the Meeting Agenda and Appendix A.

--- Quote ---23. Henrys Lake fishing season extension
Proposal: Lengthen the current fishing season on Henrys Lake to allow additional fishing opportunity.
Recommendation is: Saturday of Memorial Day weekend through February 14: trout limit is 2,
February 15 through Friday before Memorial Day weekend: trout limit is 0, catch-and-release.
Rationale: Extensive surveys of the trout population and angler harvest surveys show that trout populations
can withstand much more angler harvest without having a negative long-term effect on abundance or
average size. Angler harvest rates of trout are very low (less than 10% annually) and most fish die of natural
causes. This proposal could extend the ice fishing season, and provide opportunity for catch-and-release
fishing early in the season when fishing conditions are best for high catch rates. The primary difference
between Option A and Option B is that Option B includes a fishing closure period before the opening of the
traditional harvest season on Memorial Day weekend. Option A became the staff recommendation.
Staff Recommendation: Adopt as proposed.
--- End quote ---

I also called the F&G Office in Idaho Falls this afternoon and talked to one of their staff and was told that the Proposal was approved by the Commission and that it will become effective on Jan 1, 2022.  I definitely could do a January Trip to Henry's.  Thanks for that heads up Trent.  Life is good and getting better every day.   ;D

Nice Bob thanks for digging into that. I would have never thought they would change that date. Things are looking good. Now let's just get some hard cap on there


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