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Hey yíall, how ya been?  Slow day today so I decided to bring Ice Shanty back up on my favorites bar and check in.  My first chore before the season begins will be to embed 250 ice studs in the SnowDog track.  Iím not planning on new gear this year except maybe a new NILS auger and jumbo sled.  And new line on the ice reels, of course.  Matt, keep me in the loop for any High Uinta trips starting in December.  Iíll be ready after I get back on December 5th from helping some Texans lower their goose & sandhill crane numbers.  Since I donít duck hunt on weekends, Iíll be free for some walking on water; know what I mean Vern?  Looking forward to getting more trips in this season than last season.  See yíall soon.

Hey Bob, just checking the temps at Henry's looks like 3-4 days of cold enough to start the ice... But I hear they are expecting a lot of wind, so may not get there this time... But probably starting to get close... Hope so... Later J

Good luck on your Texas hunts Bob. If the weather cooperates like it is today (16 deg, no wind) we will hopefully be getting on Henrys when your getting home Bob. Depending when they shut down Hwy150 we may be back up there, if not a Smith & Morehouse trip might be in order again. I hear its super low but the graylings, brooks and kokes kept me plenty busy up there last year, good times.

Have you established dates for the Henry's trip yet?  I'm not sure about going yet, but have been thinking - maybe?!?

We're praying for Dec 3-6 if there's enough ice to camp on, if not it may get pushed back one more weekend but that's about all we'll be able to do with Christmas so close and of course the lake closing Jan 1st.


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