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Ice Safety- A CHILLING reminder

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You bet guys. I hope everybody can learn something from it!

I watched your video the other day and what a wake up call for sure be safe out there everyone because we all have a family to go back home to.

Good video and reminder Trent. I won't forget that last trip up there for us last season. Seen a lot of what you guys seen and a few of these by Sunday and it was mostly Iced over on Friday up to 8-10in

This was the only cool part of any of that

Yep, awesome reminder for everyone. I think everyone here is probably guilty of pushing the limits at least once or twice. Part of being a part of a "community" of like-minded ice-fanatics includes a duty to remind each other to stay safe and not become complacent....particul arly as we introduce the newbies out there. Like it or not, with the increased number of newbies, there are many that look to the other ice fishermen around them for examples, good or bad. If they see someone out there will all of their "advanced" gear and cool toys they may assume "Hey...those guys must know what they are doing...it must be OK." Let's all commit to being willing to speak up (politely of course) if we see our fellow ice fishermen doing something un-safe. We may get some looks, or some choice words shot back at us, but I'd rather deal with that than having to hear about a serious incident or fatality in the news the next day.

Tight lines...and dry pants....

Itís amazing how quick ice can change. Especially when you throw in high winds and, in this case, the Gorgeís fickle ways!

About time to start planning trips 😁


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