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Ice Safety- A CHILLING reminder

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Before we all got out on first ice this year, I wanted to put this short video out. It was a little bit of a freak deal, but it could’ve ended very badly and really, I think these freak deals are what we all need to be prepared for. The obvious stuff isn’t what gets us.


 Not always a great idea to go out on first ice in the dark , thanks for posting glad all are safe

It wasn’t first ice. We had been fishing that for almost a month….

Thanks for posting with the very clear example of a trap. I'm still relatively new to ice fishing and appreciate the reminder along with the visual aid.

Great reminder. Over the last couple years in my area, especially last year, there are a lot of new ice anglers. It seems many are clueless to the hazards. Even some of the more experienced run into problems from time to time. If you look at the sask forum here, there was a truck that went through a lake that still had over 3' of ice. It was a freak accident and the hazard was unknown.  Thanks for the post.


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