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Did I reinvent the wheel?

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--- Quote from: stripernut on Oct 31, 2021, 02:47 PM ---The sail looks a little big, if the wind comes up it looks like it would lift the whole trap out and send it across the lake... I could be wrong.

--- End quote ---
I've had it sitting on a 5 gallon pail most of the day. My weather station recorded gusts of 6.6 mph and it stayed in place. Only the sail swings, everything else stays stationary. I just need a better line guide. Thinking eyelets from fabric store. They use them on many of the spring bobbers as a guide eye.

When I first looked at it, I thought you would be using a clip, like a downrigger clip. Once it "pops" off the "sail" the fish is just on the spool... That might be easier than more guides?
When it came to the wind I was thinking more like 20-30 gusts...

Yeah, what Striper said. In Nebraska, a normal day has 15-20 mph winds, with gusts hitting 30-plus. My flapjaw fishing partner can put out a 7 mph breeze himself.

Ronnie D:
I was looking at the spool setup. It looks like it stays above the ice?
One rewind and it'll freeze up.


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