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Did I reinvent the wheel?

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As anyone that has a HT Windlass tip up knows they are a PITA to set up. I've been trying to come up with a simpler solution. Still in the R&D stage but I think I'm getting close. Anyone have a better design?
Had a video but it won't upload so here's a still.

Maybe it's just me but not sure what you did. Details please.

I originally modified a standard cross stick to the Michigan Sportsman jigging tip up but was having a problem with the balance point to get it to rock in a breeze, so I ditched that arm and put a short arm on the vertical stick and added a "wind catcher, paddle, sail" whatever you want to call it with an eye at the bottom to hold the line. When it swings from a breeze, the line moves with it. Has a bit of up and down and swing motion.
Slightly better pic

hardwater diehard:
Not sure the HT Windless are a PITA to set up ...keeping the line from freezing into an kabob of of ice is another story . Best way to upload a video is via YouTube ...start a channel  and then upload your video ...then provided the YouTube link .

The sail looks a little big, if the wind comes up it looks like it would lift the whole trap out and send it across the lake... I could be wrong.


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