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Red Lake - What are people thinking for this year?


So in the past I have waited until more last minute to book my trip to red for early ice. Unfortunately my son is now in school, so we have to do weekends, which means I have to schedule things out a little more. With it being Oct and still feeling like it is summer, what do people think ice will be like this year? We were there December 8th last year, but I am questioning whether that will be late enough this year.

I'm planning on the 3rd/4th to head up there, but I don't need to book anything so I'll just skip it if ice conditions aren't good. I would imagine that the resorts would refund you if the ice isn't safe when you are booked to come up, but I can't say for sure. I feel like the 8th is a pretty safe bet though...

Question is.....are you going to fish in a portable or a wheel house? Usually around Dec 19th time is when 1500 pickups and 8x16 wheel houses get the 👍🏻

Fishing portable. Seems like they are making some ice now, so that is good.

If you are fishing a portable you should be fine. Usually that first ice like that is pretty good fishing.


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