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Ice Castle Rentals on LOW

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Who's the best? Easiest to work with? Will get us on the fish?

I think you'd get better responses if you provided some more details on what you are looking for.  How many people?  What is your target species?  What time of year are you looking at.  Low effort questions tend to get low effort(or none at all) responses.  Good luck on your search.

 wish i could help more directly but i've watched a ton of lotw sleeper shack ice fishing videos on youtube, ice castles included.  lots of reviews and nothing beats seeing where you'll be staying before booking!  would be worth a search.

Yeah more info would be ideal.

Dates 1/6-1/9

Target Walleye, Perch

5 People

Prefer to stay on ice.

SO many options on LOTW, too many to count. 

Adrians, Sportsmans lodge, Arnesens, oh and first city guide service are the top ones that come to mind off the bat. First city has actual ice castle wheelhouses on both LOTW and Red, only heard good things.  Most are bunkhouse style skid houses. Nothing wrong with either, all personal preference.  Go shalower (not 30fow) at night and you may have a good night bite.

Lot of threads out there on the topic, heres two from a MN based site.


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