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Some rambling thoughts on ice fishing


I can only assume that for a lot of you, the recent warmer weather has got you thinking about boat fishing when a lot of our local reservoirs are still hard deck covered. Ice fishing is still available, but most of you have given up on it thinking it is no longer safe or advisable to venture out on the hard deck. I can appreciate your caution. However, with respect, I donít share your concerns.

A week ago, Thursday, I was on Pineview. There wasnít a single other person fishing it from 7:15 AM until 2:45 PM. The edges at the Port Ramp were as solid as concrete and the ice was 18Ē thick. I iced 15 perch that day. Yesterday, I was on Mantua. Again, not a single other person fishing it other than me and a friend fishing with me. And, again, the edges were solid as concrete, and the ice was 14Ē think. We iced trout, perch, and gills (16 total fish).

I will be ice fishing again next week Tuesday & Thursday (weather permitting). My only concern this time of year is how the edges are holding up on the local waters. Some of lower elevation waters (Willard, Utah Lake, Deer Creek) are already ice free. Some of the higher elevation waters are already being filled and the edges are open water too wide to safely cross without planks or waders making machine access (SnowDog) a no-go. A few lakes that donít vary much in depth from draw done and re-filling (like Matua) will likely be good to ice fish until the end of March. Uinta lakes will be good to fish well into May if you have a snow machine to get you up to them.

Iíll put away the ice gear in a couple more weeks and then get the boat ready for the soft deck season. Iím planning some early trips to Jordanelle for kokanee this year. And Willard should be starting to turn on in late April/early May.

I do think that folks quit too early on ice fishing here in Utah, but thatís just me. Yíall have a great year fishing in 2021 and tight lines to ya wherever you walk on water or float your boat. :D

I totally agree and am all for it Bob. Ice fishing this time of year is fantastic as long as its holding out. I did put the ice camp gear away yesterday but still have the day trip stuff out and ready. You sure you don't want make a run to the berry? Either way I'm sure I'll be seeing you next week as the wife gets nervous if I go alone, Lawrence and sky are probably done for the season. The only day I have things to do is Wednesday. Weathers looking better for Thursday right now than Tuesday.

Took a drive today to Pineview and Mantua.  Ice is still safe to walk on, but the edges are toast for supporting machines.  I'm not into walking long distances and pulling a sled, so tomorrow I'll stow the ice fishing gear and work on putting the boat back together.  Might make a run to Willard and check everything out on Thursday.  I'll also be looking to hit Jordanelle maybe one day next week if the weather looks good up there.  Y'all have a great soft water season this year and I'll catch y'all on the ice again next year.   :thumbsup:

It wasn't too long ago my son and I were having 200 fish days at Mantua, will have to wait for the ice to get off before we will try it again. I have to have cataracts removed starting monday so i will be out of commission for awhile.


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