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Hi all,
Going to be in Owatonna Area March 5th-7th to visit friends. Looking for any suggestions on lakes in the area to fish. I'm coming from 3.5 hours away in Iowa and never fished the area. Probably just looking to target panfish if that helps. I appreciate any insight!

You'll have to drive to the Faribault area where there are plenty of options or to Clear Lake by Waseca which has decent crappies.

Can't be much help on the hotspots. I jump around lakes in the Faribault area and all have panfish. Roberds, Cedar & Shields are popular

You can fish Kohlmeir right in Owatonna....


Thanks for the advice! I ended digging into different lakes on the DNR in Fairbault and Wasec, and Clear Lake was one that was on my radar! What about Loon in Waseca? Looks to be a lot shallower.

The friends I will be visiting (who live in Owatonna) said Kohlmeir "gets a lot of pressure". They don't fish much though, so I'll take that with a grain of salt.

Also mentioned Faribault Lakes had some water quality concerns (blue-green algae?) at some point, but that shouldn't be an issue this time of year.

Hey all,
Just wanted to let everyone know how I did.

Ended up going towards Faribault (made sense with all the options for lakes) and fishing French Lake.

Got out later than I wanted, but ended up finding some crappies. Probably caught about a dozen total, kept 6 nice fish for dinner. Caught one small perch, and kept catching the spot tail shiners (which was kinda weird).

Planned on trying at least another lake, but ended up staying at French the entire day,


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