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Working on a new home built jawjacker

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I have a couple of jawljackers, as well as a few "mouse jackers" that I made a few years ago. I have a new idea for a 2 stage trigger like the Jawjackers use, so I am going to try  a new design.

What other things should I try to incorporate? The jaw jacker is a really good design, but I also like making and using my own stuff. If I had a 3D printer, or could manufacture things commercially, it would be fun to start from the jaw jacker and improve, but since I have just the woodworking basics, I am trying to get as good as I can, and still have something reasonable to make.

I already know I want a design where the trigger lever that detects the strike does not have to hold the entire force of the rod, and that I don't want to put a trigger through the rod guide, where it can damage either the line or the guide.

I want it to be reasonable to build with simple tools, using reasonably priced and available materials.

Any suggestions on approach or requirements is welcome. I will post progress and the final result.


If there was a way to incorporate  a Chamberlin Downrigger release to work that would be nice for adjustability.

I made my 1st set using 2Ē PVC pipe.  I used 36Ē graphite rods with just a slight bend to them, when it was set, so I didnít rip the lips off the fish.  I designed them so the rod would fit inside of the pvc pipe for protection.  They were a little bulky and heavy and my reels were unprotected.  I made a new set 2 years ago using 1/2 pvc and got the weight down to 14ozís a piece.   I put the rods in a case now. Still trying to make them fit into the case or on the rod case so itís easier to store the entire set as 1 unit.   If you could keep the weight down and make them easily packable would be nice. Also a way for the fish to take some line before the hook is set helps on some days. 


--- Quote from: Nysrx on Feb 20, 2021, 02:25 PM ---If there was a way to incorporate  a Chamberlin Downrigger release to work that would be nice for adjustability.

--- End quote ---

That sounds interesting. I like the idea of a magnet to set the trigger force- it should be adjustable by setting the air gap when it is closed. Will try and figure out a way to prototype something like that.


My most reliable "mouse Jackers" were built to use a 4.5 foot telescopic spinning rod. It was bent so that it had a lot more lift when triggered than you could get from a 28 inch ice rod. That seemed to keep tension on the fish better while you were hustling over to grab the rod. Anyway, I lost less fish.
The problem was the base had to be a lot bigger to fit the longer rod. Would others use a longer rod if it worked better, or would you stick with more traditional sizes?


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