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hook setup for nighttime walleyes

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My experience has shown that walleyes tend to move in shallower at night. I fish in 5 to 10 feet of water with shiners for bait.I set the depth at half the depth of how deep the water is under the hole.Remember that they can always look upward. I don't use any weight on the line other than a heavy duty swivel to attach the leader to. Due to the fact that I only fish at night for them, I have my tip-ups rigged with lights. That helps you keep your distance from the rigs, and keeps noise and light to a minimum.


--- Quote from: keeper on Feb 06, 2003, 03:10 AM ---any secret setups , do you use glow in the dark. stinger hooks jigs. I  been fishing for years in northern mich but yet to catch a walleye through the ice. yesterday ,a few perch and 2 lawyers.
this a cool forum I just joined.I can keep a secret ;) and may your flags fly high. :'(

--- End quote ---

at first ice, i use a medium blue shiner.  i like using glow in the dark hooks, the size reccomended for minnows, forgot the name of the hooks, attach a barrel swivel 18 inches above hook.  put a split shot between swivel and hook, hook minnow on 1 pole just behind dorsal fin through back, on other pole hook minnow in the stomach, be sure not to hook into organs it will kill minnow.  i always put 2 red clunker beads on line before tying on hook, theyre the glass beads that are sold for carolina rigs for bass.  set 1-2 ft off bottom and deadstick, ive never used a tip up but im planning to this winter.  the struggling minnows will make the beads clack together and attract attention.  it never hurts to use stinger hooks, i sometimes do if i remeber to get some.  just let the stinger dangle freely below minnow, it will lodge in walleyes mouth when he sucks it in, i also catch alot of slab crappies this way.  good luck  8) 8)


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