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Hi guys. Desperately just created an account on here to hopefully get some answers. I was hoping to get onto the horseshoe chain Thursday night and I have never been on the lake. I was hoping to get into horseshoe lake to chase cats. The problem is I don't know what the ice is like and I work night shift so it'll be night/evening by the time I get there. All I'd like to know is if there's trucks out there, where I can get onto the ice and how far a guy can venture. Thank you for the help !!!

Check out the post on Dec 29 called “Horseshoe Chain.”  It might give you some answers in case nobody replies in time. That’s the best help I give you.

I appreciate the help . However I couldn't really find much. I may have to resort to sitting at the landing and either waiting for a truck going out or someone coming in to talk to. Not my first choice but I'm hell bent to catch cats

Hey guys. Could really use some last minute help. Looking for somewhere I can safetly drive my truck onto either Becker or horseshoe lake with my truck. Any help is appreciated thank you !!!

You should be fine to get access onto Horseshoe since we did have that week and half polar vortex.  I was kind of planning to go there yesterday and today for an overnight but since there was that rain/snow storm front coming in, I didn't feel like getting drenched.


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