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Fished just north of Mo Valley yesterday. 4-5 clear solid ice. Tons of tiny gills and crappie. Sure was nice to hit the ice

I fished Blackhawk Lake near Lakeview on Thursday. Had 4-5" ice there and we caught a few decent perch, a bunch of 6-7 inch crappies (2 that were 10") and a few small gills.
I haven't checked anywhere around Glenwood area yet--it was open water around not too long ago. I'm thinking after this sharp cold spell ice should be thick enough. I might try somewhere close by tomorrow if weather isn't too brutal.

Tried a pond just north of Hwy 30 yesterday.  Ice was a consistent 4" there. Found lots of finicky bluegills.  My son and I managed to get about 10 to bite including a couple pretty good ones. Someone decided to throw crappies in this pond illegally so I'm in a mission there to take as many as I can(legally).

Fished a Crawford county pond yesterday. Good bluegill bite. 4 of ice.

Hit n Audubon county pond today good early bite . 6 inches of ice. Drove by Littlefield big goose hole out from the beach.


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