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I had a dewalt DCA 1820 20 v to 18 v adapter laying around and made my own shuttle lithium batt . I have 3 of the 5ah batts. That I use for my k-drill and my drill set up . The dc to dc converter is a 5 to 40v input and the out put is adjustable from 1.3 v to 37v and it's 3amp out put. It can run the vex. For over 6hours on a 5ah batt, I tested it in my freezer. I have about 38 bucks in this batt.converter, and it will work on all the dewalt batts.that are 20v to 60 flex volt. This could be modified to use any brand of battery as long it is above 12dc. The larger the ah the better run time.  If anybody wants guidance on how to build one let me know. This will work underwater cams  and GPS units shanty led lights usb or 12vdc also. I have to install a port for usb  to charge phones or tablets. Going to get a different shuttle case so the batt. Will be lower in the setup and it will fit what ever batt.that is used.

Do you have any pictures of how you attached the battery adaptor to the grey box?  I've got an adaptor that I want to screw to the inside of my shack just for lights, but not sure how to go about mounting it.  I'm not interested in making it portable.

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I've already got an adaptor, thanks.


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