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HT Tip Ups....Your opinion?


My friend and have bought a few of these tip ups and they suck :P Wind trips like you would not believe and as for setting flags off when you need them too... Forget it. We have been completly spooled and not even know it at least twice. The trip system that they use is too small or the reel will sometimes catch on the flag tripping system. The only good thing about them is that they can trip either way. Has anyone else experienced these tip ups and had the same problems?

Mark Barlow:
What model HT? If they are the ones that lay flat on the ice across the hole, it could be that you need to tighten the tee bar and the top nut, so the reel wont spin without tripping the flag. I always check them before hitting the ice. As far as wind flags, use the bigger notch in the tee bar and that should do the trick, and if not just turn the tip up 90 degrees so the flag is with the wind rather than against it.

They are the fish trap style, not the polar style if thats what you mean. As for the flag problem the flag can be tripped both ways which is good if you forget to set it up the right way, bad cause the wind will trip them much easier.

i have some and they are "worth the money"  if you expect them to work like 30 tips them you will be dissapointed.  as far as wind problems i always face the flag away from the wind  and with the polars i lay them facing the wind.


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