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Inlander  Posted At 12:59:04 10/30/2001
Just wondering what some of you guys have the most luck doing. Personally I experimented some last year and found some new ideas that work well for me. I use Polar insulated tip ups with thin diameter 35# test black line with a black coated steel leader with a snap swivel on it, tipped with a 6# treble hook.

Tip #1 - Try attaching different colored blades(like those on crawler harnesses) to the snap swivel right at the hook. I prefer good old Red and White.

Tip #2 - Use dead minnows! Cut there belly open a little bit and squeeze the air out of them. Change hook position until they sit in the water upright like they are alive but not moving.

Tip #3 - Bring a good friend along. Always appeciate time with the ones you care about for one never knows when it will be their last fishing trip.

These were tactics taught to me by a dear friend that went home to the Big Fishing Hole in the Sky.  
Chris Kohnke  Re: Favorite Tactics for Pike and Eyes! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 06:50:01 11/04/2001
Get rid of the steel leader and use 10-15lb. mono this will increase your action, you may loose a few but you catch more.Go for the largest minnows available hook them in the side with one of the hooks on a treble hook, just under the skin, and not a large hook!
I agree dead bait is good but don't always use dead, try hooking a large minnow, 5"-6" long and bite the tail fin off this really get the pike going. If the large minnows tend to trip your tip-up cut a coat hanger 5" x 2" in the shape of an "L" on the short end braze a alligator clip in line with the wire. Put the smallest possible dia. rubber tubing over the teeth.
Next drill a hole slightly smaller then the wire dia. into the brass line guide on a BeaverDam tip-up right at the bend, drill towards the spool shaft. Press the wire into the hole in the brass line guide and your ready to fish. All you have to do is put your line in the very tip of the alligator jaw, depending on the size of the minnow move it in further to hold a larger minnow. Good luck!  
wolfeman  Re: Favorite Tactics for Pike and Eyes! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:26:16 11/26/2001
For Pike:
1)20# Mono leader 12-18".
2)Bigggest Golden Shiner you can find, strip some scales off of it with your finger nails making sure they fall down your hole. Hook #4 size treble behind dorsal fin so minnow fights downward.
3)Set your minnow just under the ice in shallows, about 1-3 feet under the ice for deeper water. Keep minnow out of weeds.
4)If the minnow sets off your Beaver dam, slide a O-Ring on to the horizontal T-Part of the spindle, and set flag between it and the verticle part of the spindle. Large fish will trip flag, minnow will not.
For Eyes:
1)6# mono leader 12-18".
2)#6 single hook with blaze orange bead threaded on to leader up from hook.
3)Medium golden shiners for bait. Scrape off a little scales on one side of minnow and hook through back behind dorsal fin.
4)Set minnow 6-10 inches off of bottom.

Gary  Re: Favorite Tactics for Pike and Eyes! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 20:28:24 12/11/2001
Try taking a # 2 hook with a steel leader and putting the loop end of it through the hole of a # 4 treble hook. The treble hook (called a "stinger")slides down and goes into the top (back) part of a dead 8" sardine and the # 2 single hook goes into the belly to hold the dead bait in a horizontal postion !! Got me an 18 pound 41" Northern !!!  
Jim  Re: Favorite Tactics for Pike and Eyes! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 07:15:43 12/16/2001
Got away from heavy steel leaders for northerns, and switched to a South Bend product called Invisa-leader. It's a thin black wire available in various lenghts, we use the 8 inch, 18 pound test. It's popular with the serious pike anglers here in Western PA. I think we found the first ones at a Walmart, but after we talked to them, some local stores began to carry them.  
andy z  Re: Favorite Tactics for Pike and Eyes! (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:49:23 12/25/2001

All you american boys are doing things the hard way all you need is a simple $5.00 tip up from Wall mart
and some 8" herrings or sardines frozen put them on a quick strike rig and some green 30pound tip up line
and you are killin some great northerns  


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