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Rob Michaels:
What kind of line is recommended for tip up use, and what weight.

Among the species targed are lake trout, pike, salmon.

Hi Rob.  
I've found that mono is a poor choice all round. Not only is it tougher to see and more suceptible to the punishment of ice fishing, but it retains a lot of memory. This makes it tough to handle, and interferes with my live minnows or deadbaits hanging in a natural, vertical manner.

For pike, I use 28# Spiderwire Fusion in Ghost Green. Coils are easily pulled out, it shows up well, and I can feel exactly what my pike is doing even after she's sizzled off a lot of line. If I feel her tugging and tapping a live minnow, I hold off on the hookset. If I feel dead weight, I nail her. I like this line because it's flat-out strong, too. I hit the majority of my deadbait+quickstrike pike while they're running to ensure a clean release. I've stopped fish over 20#'s dead in their tracks with it, no problem. 30# Dacron is also a good choice. I find it sligtly springier, though Tie directly to your leader.

I'll run either 10# Fusion or 10# Fireline for 'eyes and lakers. I'll blood knot a 4' section of mono or use a size 00 ant swivel. Mono from 6# to 10# is usually my choice. I like Berkley XT in 6# test. You may need to go as light as 4# if panfish are around, or as heavy as 12# if pike are a problem.  

I use these lines on my cross member units, wind bobbers, spool sets and for all jigging applications. Best of Luck.

also instead of a mono leader, you may want to tie up a fluorocarbon leader. this line is virtually ivisable under water and is very abrassive resistant, so it will stand up just as good if not better than mono leaders. it also has less stretch.  

Curley In Ct.:
I like 45# dacron tyed to a ballbearing swivel.That way I can switch from steel to mono depending on my targeted fish.For pike go with steel or 50# mono.Last year I switched to florocarbon leaders and I'll never go back. Hope this helps you out.good luck.  

Bob from Antigo:
For my tipups i use non other than a good spool of 30lb. nylon line from fleet farm. I also use steel or those new titanium or whatever it is for a leader. This system hasn't failed me in over 8 years of heavy fishing.
I caught a 36" pike and i had no troubles or worries about my line. The fish was caught on the Clintonville Pond. :)


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