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Polar therm tip up trip settings

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does anyone know how to set the trip setting for very light bites lost instructions cant figure it out----

   I believe that for the lightest bite you should lower the shaft all the way down, then set the spinner so that it spins down the flag. Like i said i think this is how it goes but someone else on here might be able to correct me.


thanks i appreciate it

I think the trip mechanism on the polar therm spinner is like the other polar tip ups, i.e.,  there is a smooth side and a side that is notched.  If that is correct, then the lightest possible setting is to set the flag underneath the smooth side, spinning  towards the flag.  the next lightest setting is to set the flag under the smooth side, but spinning AWAY from the flag.  

Dave is correct.  The lightest setting is setting the flag on the smooth side with it sliding toward the flag.  Next lightest setting would be smooth side sliding away from the flag.  You also can fine tune this setting depending on how high or low you have the shaft lowered.  The lower you have the shaft the lighter the setting and the higher the shaft the heavier the setting.


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