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artic grayling


I would like some tips on artic graylings. I'm going to a stocked pond this weekend, that is filled with trout and artic grayling. I have caught trout before but have never tried for grayling. Any bait or hook types would be great.

I caught greyling before but up in stoney rapids sask. that was also in the summer but I had used everything from mepps spinners to black and white no 8 spoons. very soft lips so don't set the hook too hard

Grayling through the ice is tough!  I have never caught them in interior Alaska, but have caught them on the peninsula, (southwest Alaska.)  I can tell you that the fish caught up here are never targeted, but rather caught by accident :-*  I have seen them caught on small Gamagatsu red single salmon egg ho0ks, baited with one fresh salmon egg.  I caught my fish through the ice by using a small wieghted fly, (#18 beadhead).  I have also caught some on really small Swedish Pimples fishing for Smelt.  They are extemely spooky and flighty fish, so I would advise using 2 lb test, and really small bait.  They get pretty aggresive after the ice vacates the lake, and can be caught on spoons, spinners, and many other varietys of hardware.  But winter fish are a bit more on the skiddish side.  I have watched them cruise up to my bait and nudge it and slowly swim off numerous times while fishing Rainbows.  I wish I could get some wigglers or spikes up here, but I can't.  I would use some fresh wigglers, helgrimittes, or other aquatic bugs if you can find them.  They love snails and caddisflys, so a small waxworm on a tiny bare hook may be the ticket!  Good luck and post your luck!  Barleydog

No grayling here in mass but sure would like to fish for them someday.


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