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anyone fish south twin lake


hey just wondering if anyone has fished south twin lake by phelps/eagle river hear there is some good perch fishing.  but would like some info might take a little trip up there sometime this winter.

I have fished South Twin, but if you're going to fish in that neighborhood, my recommendation is to fish North Twin right next door.  Bigger fish, better walleye fishing, and easier to fish.

ok thanks for the reply.  by the ways hows the perch fishing there?

Good perch fishing, good walleye fishing.  No northerns.

yeah i have, we were fishin for pearch adn walleyes... we diddnt have TOO much luck... with just a few eyes, but i have heard ALOT of good things about both North and South twin. i think you would be in for some very good fishin :tipup:


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