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Is anyone out there going whitefishing this year, i dont know if my shack will be done in time it burned 2 years ago.

does anyone know what dipnetting for whitefish  is ?   you make a hole a foot wide and eight feet long through the ice put into it a 8x8 foot net and let it set on the bottom then you set a dark house over the hole when you see a few fish swiming low aver the net you pull like hell till the frame of the net hits the ice and traps the fish between the ice and the net to get the fish you use a landing net which sometimes takes a long time and you are swearing at the person with the landing net because you see a bunch going under the net  usually we can get our limit for 3 people in 4 hours 25lbs plus on fish per person.

heard of that before.  i have caught them on a jig pole before  fun when they are hitting.  What lake do you get  your white fish out of?

I heard they were doing really well on Balsam Lake in Polk Cnty for whities

I have never heard there were whitefish in Balsam lake. I did not think it was deep enough.


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