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I saw ice this weekend!

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In Kenosha County  South eastern part of state

Up at cottage in northern Langlade County last weekend. 5-6 inches of good clear ice. Several ATV's on lake. Quite a few flags, mostly small to medium northerns. Should be at least 8 or more inches by this weekend. Let the season begin!

my local lake has three shacks on it two over the crack one was pulled out by a ford ranger (crazy)today. i will try it this weekend but there has to be over 5" for that truck to make it. weather looks great for making ice until this weekends warm up

What part of the state are you in?

Finally got out yesterday.  Ice was downright scarey Friday and still pretty iffy Sunday.  Yesterday was okay other than the fact it was real slushy.  Could have done without the snow.  Anyways fished about 2 hours no fish.  Hopped around and tried 5 spots.  Last year on this lake I could catch 100-150 small gills in a couple hours time.  Not sure what has happened to the lake.  Did see a lot of guys running for flags (pike and bass) and also noticed the weeds were way down so this may have factored in to things.


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