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I saw ice this weekend!

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Hey guys I live in west central WI. near Hudson.  Any safe ice within 1 hour drive?


just went by the upper red in gresham wi (northcentral) there was one guy fishing bout 50' off shore and a police officer parked at the landing i stopped on the way back and the guy was still there i watched him for bout 20min he was pulling in some decent gills.  I might go and try the ice this weekend if the ice holds up.

10 Degrees here and nothing over 20 for the next week! ;D I should be able to find some ice tomorrow somewhere

I was just fishing on the little bay on Sand lake by hwy 8 & 35 in polk cnty.  Also fished another lake close by, but can't tell ya the name.   ;)  It looks like there's plenty of lakes to fish


--- Quote from: Doe on Nov 29, 2005, 04:10 PM ---I wonder if Whalen's Grade will have some ice on it.  It should be getting close.  :)

--- End quote ---
Fished crystal Lake today near Lodi, 3 to 3.5 inches ice. (No Luck!)


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