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Water Wolf:
Hi everyone,

 Have any of you ever caught a rockbass / redeye during the ice fishing season? I once read that rockbass go into a state of dormancy during the winter months and as such are rear catches while ice fishing. Has this been the case for everyone? :-\

I haven't caught one on hardwater, but haven't fished for them either. My guess is that they, like most panfish, can be caught through the ice,I've never heard of them going dormant. :)

Interesting question. The waters I fish hold a lot of rock bass, but I have never seen or heard of anyone catching them through the ice.
Black bass are out of season in most NY waters during the winter, but rock bass shouldn't be. At least I would think. 


Yeh we catch quite a few of them fishing for walleye and often quite deep as Slipbob mentioned, even right to 40 feet where I chase those big eyes 10 lbs plus . ;) We hate the buggers because they never used to be in our lakes that I fish and we never ever put them back, just have them become sea chicken or fox food but they are edible because when my daughter was younger we had to drag every fish home she caught to eat . :-\ We also pull the occassional smallies from those depths and often they have some heft , but our season is closed at that time of year so they are returned .


I have caught a few while jigging for perch.  A lake I fish is loaded with them but in the winter they are few and far between.  I'm not complaining. :)


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