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tub floor worn through

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Uncle Al:
Picked up a Dave Genz fish trap last summer, and need to repair the floor. Bottom front of the tub is worn through where it's been dragged across parking lots, and rocks, and probably the ice too. Anyone do this, or is there a tub available that I can put the tent on. Tent is in good shape, don't need to replace that. I have a Clam Guide that I'm using this winter but want to down size with the fish trap, so this is a winter project for me. thx.

please post a pic of the house and the dimension of the sled. if what you have is what I think it is you might be able to use a sled from a scout but I won't know unless I can see a pic of the house and the sled. also include a pic of any of the writing on the tent this would help me to identify the house and what might work for you.

I'm sure you could fiber glass it or umhw and rivets?  Where there's a will there's a way!

i did mine this year, one hole in the front corner  :%$#!:
i bought a plastic weld kit from harbor freight around12 bucks  ::)

theres a great thread and video on here i found on google  ;D
its like a solder iron, u can use some types of scrap plastic,old bucket
well see how it holds up  :whistle:


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