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Ice shack suspension torsion bar

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I'm building an aluminum frame shack. 
I'd like it to be flip down or crank down suspension.  From what I've read everyone says torsion bar suspension.

I can't find any site that sell the suspension.  All the forums say "just search the Internet" or dead links, or say they tried emailing zack shack ice castle with no replies.

I know what the outside view looks like and that you mount the tube part on the inside of the shack but how does the spindle flip up to make the shack drop? 

This is what the Zack Shack torsion looks like.   The two little things on the floor in the middle of the shack.  They have a spring assist in them.  I'm not sure where to buy them at.

Thank you. That's what I plan on doing.  I'm just unsure of how the lever works to make the shack go flush to the ground.  Id like to see what it looks like between the wheel and the shack and how the arm is welded onto the spindle.

The spindle is just welded right to the arm.  Then the arm is pulled down and latches on the bottom.

can anyone point me in the direction of which torsion spindles to buy?


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