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Drift Dodger:
Any plans for distributors or dealers in Canada?


We are working on distributors in all North America including Canada. With this unseasonably warm weather it seems everyone is more hesitant at this point.
We are working on distributors, trying to attend ice fishing trade shows and some local tournaments as well. As I said there are videos on YouTube that should give you a good look at our product. Hopefully by next season we will have more distributors. 

Thank you again,
The Polar Bird Team

On your website is says the 4T is just under 42 lbs. Does that include the floor or is it hair the shack? I see the floor is just over 8lbs.


The 4T is a little over 41 lbs. The floor for the 4T is a little over 12 lbs.  So the shelter and floor combined is roughly 53 lbs.

I hope this clarified things,
The Polar Bird Team

Do these shelters do well for sight fishing? I ask because it looks like they let in a good amount of light.
I'm considering buying the 4t. Is shipping paid for if I'm not satisfied and decide to return it?
How roomy is the 4t compared to the otter xth lodge?

Thanks for taking the time to answer questions.


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