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6x14 v nose trailer conversation

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Pulled the trigger on a new trailer today to convert into a fish house/ hunting camper. I got a 2010 6x14 with a 2 foot v nose single 3500 pound axel for 3000 in band new condition. My plan is to do 6 holes with 4 fold down bunks but i and sure the plan will change once i start building. I am going to insulate that trailer with foam boards, any tips on how to do the floor? I am going to be using catch covers and sleeves. How many btu heater will a need to stay warm? will this one work at 1200 btus? Sound i put windows in or leave without? Any tips on putting a rv latch on the door in? [/URL[URL=][/URL[URL=][/URL[URL=]
That all for now more to come as i start working on it!

If it was mine this would be number one.  Fairly simple conversion

spray foam would be the way to go for the floor and if it were mine I would add a window or 2

Uncle Al:
that nose would be a great place for a forced air furnace.

However you decide to go, post PLENTY of pictures because we love our shack porn on here!!! ;)2 :thumbsup:


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