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Snowmobile studs

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Im starting my plans now for Moosiepaloosie!    Last year as you all know when we went ice fishing at Moosehead lake and stayed atLawrences cabins, well the unstudded snowmobiles couldnt make it up the hill due to ice   well now I want some! is there a minimum number studs to put in to be effective? and is it hard to do? after all I have a 93 skidoo safarri with a 377 in it that I pull a Otter village with. sled is in perfect shape but is older so wouldnt want to spend a mint on it

I thought you were bragging John by being a Smowmobile "Stud". ;D

he's not???? :P

nope  no I

i beleive they are supposed to be installed in increments of 48. i think 96 would be perfect for your sled. they will make a huge difference in the way your sled hooks make sure you got decent carbides in your ski or ya wa=ont be able to turn aftah


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