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Brian A:
Hi gang. Purchased a sled for ice fishing over the holiday break and just tested out the rack I made to hold my shanty and gear. Will probably add a hook for my auger, I have a new Nils 8" hand auger on the way!

just wanted to share a pic of it. In the pic, I have my Clam 2000 on it, it can also hold my fish trap. Nice thing is I can take the buckets off and just drive the rig into the back of my truck and leave everything in place while I drive home.


nice, dont punch the gas too hard, might get a lil squirley do a nice wheelie :o :o

looks cool - good job!

what's it made of? more pics of it and how it's attached?

Brian A:
I will dig up some more pics of it.  Its made from aluminum tubing. We use the stuff at work. I just made it from scraps of it that I have been saving up. The storage area under the shanty is made with cargo netting from an old car trunk wrapped around the aluminum frame.

I have a tow hitch and bracket that were original on the sled, it is an aluminum bar that made for a perfect mounting surface. I just bolted the rack to it with 4 bolts. I can take it on and off pretty easily so when I dont need it I can remove it.

As far as the weight factor that did concern me. But I weigh about 280 so that pretty much balances that lol

When running with a buddy on the back seat, it doesnt steer very well on glare ice but I guess thats to be expected.  With no passanger it does just fine though.

great idea. Did you take a patent out on it?


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