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Fished around Inlet a few days this week.  I know they drain down the Fulton Chain each fall but found the phone app virtually useless.  Dragged the shanty through the slush to drill some holes on large flats that displayed on the phone around 35í.  First hole the transducer pinged back at 8í.  Next spot had contour lines at 20í and marked with the electronics to be over 45í. Got a wee bit tired slogging around to find desired depth.

The following day travelled over to Seventh Lake and walked a good distance to get to a cool looking flat around 24í. Drilled and dropped the transducer to find I was in 70í of water.  Pinned area below maps out at 10í... knowing chart was way off... point on shoreline looked promising so drilled a hole and was in 40í of water.  Looking at shoreline features and estimated distance from the shore - feel that the gps cursor was spot on.

First time ice fishing up north.  Ice was fine and walking got much better with lower temperatures Thursday night.  Did catch a half dozen Lake Trout - only one of legal size for 7th lake, around 20Ē (18Ē size limit).


That's interesting that it would be that far off...and not the first time I've heard that...I'm not a techy - but I wonder if there is some recalibration of phone or the app itself (?)

I too have the Navionics mobile app and I've used it on Sandy Pond and SLR this year...specifically LOTI (Lake of the Isles) on Wellesley Island.

2 weeks ago - we were looking for a specific depth not too far from the launch off of DeWolf State Park launch.  Like you - we did not want to be hauling our crap all over when Navionics found our desired depth...we drilled and Vexilar flasher confirmed the depth - spot on. 

Our ideal spot was about 200 yards away but there were several hub tents fishing together and we didn't want to horn in.  When we spoke to those tent occupants a few hours later - they confirmed what my Navionics were saying about their position...and they too were using Navionics.  Out apps read alike and were confirmed by a flasher.

Again...I've heard before and from others that Navionics was "off"...absolutely...but your discrepancies are wildly off.  My app is on an Apple about you?

Anyone else care to weigh in?  Is there a "recalibrate" option?  Guessing there are a lot of us out there using Navionics on the ice.  I have Lowrance Hook 7 on my boat and...and my Navionics lines right up.

1. Check to make sure youíre using the Sonar chart and not nautical/govt charts

2. Most of the lakes up there experience much less fishing pressure than the lakes elsewhere. They still get hit hard but not like the big name lakes in the state. 4th is more of a pleasure boater lake with the tourists and 7th doesnít experience much fishing pressure since  the ramp isnít conducive of it.

So with the lack of actual fishing pressure, the maps arenít updated as frequently. Navionics is almost like a user submitted thing so obviously the more people who submit data, the more accurate it will be. I can say most of the lakes i fish are in the ADKs and Iíve never found the app to be accurate. Itís good enough for a guess. My typical spot on 7th shows it being 0-1ft deep when itís actually 80+.

Itís not just there, lakes i fish around here (cando, otsego, moraine, eatonbrook, etc) are never within 5í of what the app says. Delta is probably the worst of them all as far as accuracy goes

Thanks, indeed for the replies... most likely a combination of user error and a limited use/updates on north country lakes.  I did have it set for navigation as the contour lines seem more visible... seemed to be accurate on Oneida, but also off on Delta.  My buddy wasnít pleased when I marked what I thought was 20í only to have him sink his auger in the bottom.  Have to dog sit in Old Forge starting weds. So will use the sonar setting (hopefully see the difference in depth from the couch and not on the lake). 
Lakes in that region have little if any bouys in the summer to mark rocks etc.  seems a wee bit more dangerous than just being off on depth when ice fishing trusting the app - I have an IPhone

Things that work on Oneida and Delta, jigging Raps, spoons with minnow heads - not much interest.  Caught all fish on marabou jigs tipped with spikes

Did just check settings - was set correctly on sonar... paired with my IPad so I do quite a bit of off the ice farting around - thanks again for the replies!


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