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Anyone have experience with an Eskimo Lake Runner?


I'm starting to do some research on building a sled. Recently I was able to pick up an older Clam Fishtrap Yukon in really good condition. The previous owner took really good care of it and made sure to never drag it over gravel or rough ground, and the tub shows it. Hardly a scratch on the bottom at all. I decided that I would build a Smitty type sled for it and either slip the sled on & off it for transport, or maybe build one of the type that allow the skis to pivot up under the sled to drop it down onto the ice for fishing. There are a few videos out about guys using coffee table hinges to bring the skis up and down, but to me, the hinges just seem to be a little flimsy.

While scrolling through videos, I came across one on YouTube from about 9 years ago by MrBluegill called "Eskimo Lakerunner Demonstration". It is a pretty cool looking tub rig that lifts up for transport and then drops to the ice for fishing. It is built on two heavy duty steel skis with hyfax runners, and infact the entire frame system is made of steel square tubing. This thing looks almost bomb proof. Just wondering if anyone has ever used or seen one of these in use. Were they any good or full of headaches? I am thinking that I might try and replicate something along this style for my flip shelter. Thanks in advance for any info! Tight Lines!

$1000??? Not in my lifetime...

 :o Not in mine either for that kind of money! But, with a few tools and some skill, I think a guy could replicate the concept pretty well. Not sure about the cantilever hitch assembly....


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