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Am I the only one?

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  Wall E Gator sounds good. If you're going to do something, do it right, nothing wrong with buying new. Glad you enjoy the sport and hope you have a good season.

My buds and I walk, drag a clam tobog and only use a 'pop up'(what a misnomer!) when it's blowing a storm! Don't like being confined to 1 hole and like to see what's happening outside---deer wandering on ice.

do what you can with what you have get out on the ice and enjoy what you love to do.... whats worked for you in the past will work in the future. just like a plain jig and minnow will always be on the menu for a hungry walleye. ;)  unless your one of those that has to keep up with the crowd so you don't feel left out or out of place.... then go hard.   

I'm hapoy to just be out fishing. And I don't have the disposable income for all the fancy toys. Don't even have a flasher yet. I've got a small pop up hub that I haven't even used yet, and a manual auger. 3 rods in a $50 rod case. A bucket.

Ive got friends with the nicer houses, good electronics, fancy augers, etc. And I'll go with them when I want to fish in luxury. But I'm happy enough with my setup. One day, when I've got the money and time to justify that stuff, it would be nice. But I'm trying to buy a house and get married in this economy, so the luxuries can wait.

As I get older, I've started thinking about weight more than new and shiny.  Anything that can help make me less worn out at the end of the day is worth it.  Best thing I ever did was purchase a lightweight drill and auger setup.


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