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Am I the only one?

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--- Quote from: SirCranksalot on Jan 08, 2023, 07:36 PM ---To die poor is a real shame, to die rich is very stupid ;D

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Agreed- there ain't  no.luggage rack on a hearse- I came I to this world nekkid and penniless- it's my intention to leave the same way..

Seems like most on this thread are about the same age..father time gets us all one day at a time, for me I do what makes me comfortable,  as others have noted in our youth we brought everything but the fish,now we have lightened the load a bit, and look at things through, wiser(and older ) eyes- but I'm still  a sucker for a new shiney gadget!


--- Quote from: Splattypus on Dec 17, 2022, 09:44 AM ---I'm hapoy to just be out fishing. And I don't have the disposable income for all the fancy toys. Don't even have a flasher yet. I've got a small pop up hub that I haven't even used yet, and a manual auger. 3 rods in a $50 rod case. A bucket.

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That's the way I started out. Then Junior came along , his sisters wanted no part of ice fishing. Very early on I'd already rigged a Humminbird Super Sixty for ice. That was a freebee from Berkley for buying a Lightning rod. Drilled mebbe thousands of holes over the years by hand. Then Junior and I placed in a local musky tournament, won $400. Junior's first words were, "I get haffa that, right?" "Sure", I replied, "But I got another idea. Wanna split a power auger for ice fishing?" He jumped all over that and it was fine for a few years until he got his driver's license. Then there was contention.

"Dad, I'm gonna take the auger this weekend. Paulie and I are going on a road trip fishing." Me: "Ahhh, I don't think so." But it's half mine", he says. "OK", I reply, "you can have the bottom half..." "Aughhhhh!" Issues. The next year a guy at work found Strikemaster augers on blowout at the end of the season and bought 'em all with the thought of flippin' 'em for some $$$. He offered me one for what he'd paid for it ($180) as I'd done him some favors over the years. I jumped on that and gave Junior the older 3hp powerhead with the new 10" chipper blade and buddied up the new 2hp with the older Lazer drill. We were both perfectly happy.

Now I've created an ice fishing (and hunting) monster. He's so much fun! And he's got his three kids addicted to ice fishing as well. Even 7 yo Maddie, my grand-daughter.  ;D

Now I'm pushin' 69 real hard and I'm lightening the load. Used to pull a big Otter Lodge flip over, alla my crap and invite anyone coming along to pile their stuff into that giant tub of a sled. Now I'm down to a one man flip or a medium Otter. Might toss a hub on the medium sled. Don't tote anyone elses stuff anymore. Gotta fend for yourself like I always had to. Minimize, thin the herd.

Kinda funny, when my wife passed the girls (both older) had their pick of whatever but they weren't interested in much. Jewelry, trinkets, books, movies, so-called collectables. Sure, any jangles that were worth anything they took but no interest in the rest. When I go, there ain't gonna be anything to interest them but Junior's gonna make out like a bandit...

Quite an enterprising lad, very nice.

I inherited so much fly fishing stuff when my dad passed. It was more than I'd ever need, could have opened a store with it all. Siblings wanted nothing, so I took my pick, and we gifted out the rest to friends and fishing buddies. Seemed fitting.

The worst part about collecting all the cool stuff is having a place to store it. I can't afford a big enough house for everything I want to buy!

Old Goat:

   Just wait to you have to find the thing you know you have somewhere


--- Quote from: Old Goat on Jan 10, 2023, 06:34 PM ---   Just wait to you have to find the thing you know you have somewhere

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We may be related OG! Try moving piecemeal and see where your stuff lands...  ::)


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