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Am I the only one?

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  Just wondering if I'm the last dinosaur. I see all the post on here about new sleds, new snowmobiles, new atvs, ice castles, insulated shelters, livescopes, hundred dollar rods and all kinds of equipment for ice fishing. I'm not complaining, I think it's great that so much stuff is out there to make ice fishing easier and more comfortable. I feel pretty good about my situation as I pass the bucket sitters while on my 30+ year old 2 wd atv (upgraded a few years ago from a 40+ year old snowmobile), pulling my Clam Green Bay Packers 6800 suitcase hut, which is holding my 40 year old Eskimo auger. I do have an FL20 vex, which I love. I'm at the point in my life where I can sit on the same holes all day, not catch anything, and still go home happy. I've got a great fishing partner(he's old,too), and I guess I have all I need. Please keep posting your plctures of your rides. shacks and other equipment, cause I keep thinking "Maybe someday". Enjoy what you have and keep fishing.

I'm not that old... yet  :P ... but I guess I'm just old school. I walk, my fish house is a suitcase, and I don't use any electronics on the ice. I regeared with all new rods a few seasons back, but none of them are particularly expensive... $10-40 range stuff. Last season or two I actually went back to Schooleys for most of my bluegill fishing.

I still do ok most of the time. I get a skunking now and then, but that's just part of fishing to me 🤷‍♂️ I won't sit a dead hole all day, but I don't move around a lot, either.

Everyone enjoys fishing in different ways, there is no right or wrong way. I have been fishing for over 50 years now and in that time I have accumulated an ice shack, snowmobile, flipover, electronics, etc and a few ice rod/reel combos. Joints can't handle the cold anymore so If I want to ice fish......... and I do, keeping warm gets me out more days and for a longer time. Catching fish is great but the biggest enjoyment I still get is figuring a pattern for the day. I fished tournaments for 25 years and one of the most consistent things I found was that fishing can be slow sometime but some fish are always just have to figure out what presentation, depth, jigging action, bait they want for the day. I have 6 rigs tied when I go to the lake and am constantly changing rigs, bait, jigging action and depths until I get a bite. One bite doesn't really identify a pattern but two or three bites on the same rig has me using the same rig/bait in both holes. (allowed two holes when ice fishing here.) The underwater camera has taught me a lot about fish behavior and what attracts fish and what repels them.
It is different with the species but the biggest turn off I have found with  walleye is do not jig so much.........just think about all the walleye you have caught when you set the rod down to pour a coffee or have a whiz, or in the summer when your wife out fishes you in the boat while she is reading a book...........don't jig so much.


 Like already said lots of ways to fish , biggest thing if your enjoying your self that all that counts , I have my share of old stuff I still use when pan fishing

Didn't start Ice fishing until about 4 years ago so when I went to buy gear I bought the new hotness. I guess in 30 years I can say I am still using all my old stuff but for now I will suffer with all my new gear. I am fairly outfitted at this point so other than bait and maybe some new line I don't think I will be buying any new hotness this year. Had a few ol timers give me crap for some of the spendy poles I bought a couple years ago. Not sure if it was jealousy or if they actually out fish me with an ol broom handle their Grandpa made em. I tried some of the cheaper gear and it works but the Schooly, etc is not as sensitive as my Archangel Rod or my Haat Rod or my GLoomis or my St Croix. I don't have the livescope I bought the PS22 version. I don't have a snowmobile I have a snowdog to pull my Sierra Flip. All outfitted to go whenever I want now so I can go for the rest of my life with the gear I have now. Always gonna be the new hotness gear that everyone fawns over, doesn't make you a better fisherman just a better consumer. Its not the Gear Its the getting out and enjoying the outdoors in winter. Oh I can be a GearJunkie just like the best of them too.


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