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Snow Dog/Dirt Dog/TracSled in mud and water


Just returned from a deer hunt and I am whipped! Seems like every year it gets wetter and wetter, muddier and muddier. It's just plain miserable. That and I'm not 26 anymore. Heck, I'd take 62 again! Plus our core guys are challenged too: brother with 2/3 lung cap due to fibrosis and Junior at only 40 with a pair of crappy knees (even after 4 surgeries).

We were talking about lower impact ways to get our deer out of the woods and I thought of this. Anyone run their machine on the ground? Through large puddles? Lotsa mud? Just curious about performance primarily. I know everything would need a thorough cleaning when done. My plus would be I can use it on the ice too   ;)2

Looking forward to your experiences! Thanks  ;D

I believe Iíve seen videos on YT of folks running them on dry ground alot. 👍

I run my DIY track sled year round. Wheels on a sulky and a wheeled cart for moving about. The kold kutter studs does make it harder to steer on grass but I just power through.

Mine works good in grass. Never tried it in mud..
 Wish I could post a video from my phone.. >:(



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