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Hitch carrier to haul a Snowdog

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--- Quote from: Gator800r on Nov 29, 2022, 09:57 AM ---Sorry but I'm bringing this thread back to life.  After a year of using the Ultra-Tow Hitch Carrier how is it holding up?  I'm thinking about getting one but I want an opinion from someone that has one first :)

After a year of use Im very happy with the purchase. I have a 3Ē receiver on my Super Duty, do I wish the carrier receiver was beefier and I didnít have to use a reducer sure but I used it a lot last season and it has held up fine. I had plenty of people tell me ďitís a disaster waiting to happenĒ and it will never work ect. I believe if you use some common sense and donít try flying down a washed out bumpy bush road it will hold up fine. Right now I think itís the best option out there for people like me who want to keep the bed of their truck available for gear and have a quick and easy way to transport the dog. Im more than happy with it after a year. I also donít believe a company would sell a product stating a 500lb capacity if it couldnít handle it. Im sure there were plenty of load test done and they didnít blindly state a 500lb load capacity.

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Thanks I value your input.  In the picture below do you think that section would fit right into the hitch without having to use the folded section?  Also, what did you use to secure your cargo hitch to the hitch so that it doesn't have any play?


--- Quote from: Skywagon on Nov 29, 2022, 06:42 AM ---That carrier looks like a recipe for disaster!  With all the leverage and weight involved something will end up giving.  In my opinion a small trailer would be much safer.

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I'm trying to avoid a trailer so if anything I would just use the bed of my truck :)

--- Quote from: hardwater diehard on Nov 29, 2022, 07:06 AM ---Yeah it is out there quite a ways ...think a ratchet strap or two from the outside corners ..up and over the tail gate and into the trucks tie downs would be a piece of mind .

Get a couple more posts under your belt and PM the member ...may respond faster

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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing with the ratchet straps just so there's something holding the load other than the hitch.

Mine is holding up great. As I noted in the original video, I shortened the post on mine to sit tighter up against the truck (to reduce the possibility of over-stressing it with the unnecessary length) and it has been awesome. I also install a simple hitch tightener which completely eliminated the wobble. I do usually try to "take it easy" on backroads and what not...but there have been plenty of "oversights" when I went over a rut or rock too fast and really slammed the truck bed down hard...not a single issue. No bending, no wobble. I used it today when I took the snowdog into a lake in northern Utah and it was REALLY convenient pulling into the very crowded staging area where everyone had snowmobile trailers lined up all over the place. I just pulled in and parked so my passenger side faced the access road, and and out in minutes.


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