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Hitch carrier to haul a Snowdog

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Eyes R Bitin:
Hey all, Iím really on the fence on investing in a Snowdog.  My biggest concern is hauling it.  Iíd have to use a hitch carrier due to I canít have a trailer and have an F150 with a short box that get full enough with my gear.  Iím wondering if hitch carries are heavy duty enough to carry the 350 to 400 lbs.  I know many are rated to 500 or more but are they truly that strong and reliable?  Iíve had equipment that is rated highly but really doesnít stand up like it should.  Iíd appreciate anyones input on brands and their experience.  Also what they might have had bad experience with and what to stay away from.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Stay safe and good luck this season!!


They will work. Look at the construction of it and get the highest rated weight you can find. This 1 was rated 600# and 2 halves bolted together. Added a few tack welds for good measure.
I don't remember the name but several out there. I had to cut off part on the rail so it loaded smoothly.

I added trailer lights to the carrier because my truck lights were covered.

Eyes R Bitin:
Thanks Krispy.  Is that a Ranger mounted on the front?  Howís all that weight affect the driving? 

Yes far so good. Haven't gone more then 12 miles yet and not in snow either.

Get the beefiest one you can, I used a carrier on the back of a Honda CRV and it worked ok. the carriers stick out farther so it does put a little bit extra load on your rear suspension.

One thing to note is the dog has a hard time sitting even, the front is considerably heavier than the rear. When i loaded it, it would lean to the heavy side a little bit.

Loading was easy, placed a ramp sideways and just pushed the dog onto it. One trip I forgot the ramp and ended up using a short length of wood, it was a pain but it worked.


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