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Hi everyone.  I've been off this site for 2 years because I couldn't remember my password lol!  I did the password change and never got an email back so on a whim I tried one of my million passwords and it worked.  Anyway. I was introduced to ice fishing years ago at silver lake and over the past 4, I was able to get my own gear and get back into it.  I'd like to fill a bucket with bluegill.  If anyone would like to join me and possibly point me in the right direction again I would be very happy.  When I go, it's usually on saturday from dark to dark.  It takes me an hour and 20 to get there.  Not opposed to pike either...

From what ive heard from a friend who fishes it the bluegill fishing isnt nearly what it used to be. I wish you good luck though and stay safe

Any advise on where to go? Coming from niagara falls area.

Sorry ive never fished the lake personally. Hopefully somebody who has wont mind pointing you in the right direction.

glad you got a password to work. lol. been there, done that.

use the search function on this website. i bet you could dig up some good info on silver.


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