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Thought it might be good to start a thread like this to keep R & C uncluttered.  Today, Friday the 2nd was the first day of ice fishing on Schroon, (except for the bays) this year.  couple guys were at the Narrows, couple off the Island, and someone was fishing couple 100 yds. off Fowler.  I measured 3 1/2- 4 " of black ice off Fowler.  Might be a little more at the Narrows as that froze one day earlier this week.   Bobcat Sports is closed as Dick is in a Nursing home, but Joe Plumstead opened his shop in town next to Tops.  Was in there today and he has some great looking bait.

thanks, its good to have that kind of info handy ..i was thinkin of trying to get up there and i am bout 2 hrs away..your info for that area is very helpful

jon ny:
Two guys in the narrows? Must be a couple morons.  ;D

Hi Tony, Happy New Year! Thanks for starting this thread as I'm sure a lot of us greatly appreciate it! Looking forward to getting out there soon! Up at camp tonight with Swags and meeting up with Bill WEC and Jay FishinNY for a little Toothy action in the morning!

See ya soon!


   Great to see you on here again, hope you are doing well!!. Glad to hear you are getting out tomorrow!!  Hope you have a great day tomorrow , but ,like we always say, any day out  on the ice or in the woods /lakes/streams is a great day!!! ;D Good luck to ya!! Maybe we can hook up this year!! ;) Hope to talk to you soon!!



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