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pike master:
went to Wilson's today at the boat ramp was 3 1/2 inc. and a little way out was 2 1/2 in. by next weekend it will be a go for me still a little to sketchy for me

The cove (to the right of the boat ramp) was safe Friday.  Unfortunately, it's surrounded by private property so you need to know someone to get on.

Problem I'm having is finding shiners right now.  I've been having to trap them, which is a major pain!

Pecks pond in Glocester is safe, and I saw two guys fishing on Saturday.  I saw them catch a couple whips.

pike master:
i figurer bye next week it should be OK to use the ramp at Wilson's

pike master:
teds bait shop dont have shinners on reservor rd in burriville


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