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How to catch salmon and trout while icefishing

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trying to catch a biggie:
hello, i have been icefishing for many year i have cought pickeral bass perch crappie and few other things.. i can catch trout in spring very easy while fishing open water but never seem to catch one while icefishing.....i also have another question?? last weekend i was icefishing and the flag would go up and i would get to it and the whole spool of line was almost gone.. then i go to pull it in i would lose it.... but during that day i had about 20 other flags did not run far and got them what kind of fish you think is taking all my line.

Ok set your tip-ups up with a 4 foot monofiliment leader and a size 8 treble hook. Next put a very tiny split shot about a foot above the hook. Set your bait 1-4 feet below the ice.

as for your spool of line almost taken out, do you have any pickerel in that lake?

trying to catch a biggie:
yes we do have pickeral pritty big ones 2

trying to catch a biggie:
:(went icefishing on Saturday and i had 2 flags that took most of my line off the spool.. When the fish stopped i pulled and was gone both times both times the shiner came back chewed up and weeds on it what kind of fish is doing this?? I plan on going to that same spot this weekend and i really want to catch the fish that is doing this.

Sounds like pickerel. They are know to grab, run and wrap around weeds.


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